About Us

Pot Luck Cannabis Consulting, LLC is a licensed State of Michigan Social Equity and City of Detroit Legacy marijuana event organizer.  Here at Potluck Cannabis Consulting LLC, we provide comprehensive consultation to cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs regarding all aspects of transacting or maintaining cannabis businesses. We are completely independent, and unbiased and transparent in our role as premier cannabis business. Never has the cannabis business been so important. Our business is about helping our clients. 

Pot Luck Cannabis’s objective has been to conduct our business honestly and ethically, promoting the highest level of transparency and improving the public perspective of the cannabis Industry. Accomplished through continued education and fully developing and challenging our talents. Through successful pursuit of this commitment, we are expecting to not only maintain but to grow our recognition as a top producer and respected as a leader within the cannabis Industry. 


Our mission is to provide world-class business development services to our clients with the objective of constantly working towards a sustainable, and successful industry.


Our vision is to create funneling success to achieve successful results.


Our goal is to become the most trusted cannabis company in the industry, not by mouth by action.

Our services include hosting/curating licensed cannabis related events, marketing/branding,  business/team development, intermediary services, and compliance/regulations.